Sue Boyle Homeopathy

​​ A Medical System

​A recognized system of medicine with principles  that must be adhered to in order for the "treatment " to be called homeopathy. This is what many people fail to recognize or even learn about.They just do whatever they want and call it homeopathy. Then there are those who study and continue to learn, but I am heading into a rant.So.

Principles: The first one is Like Cures Like also known as the Law of Similars.All this means is that a substance that is capable of causing a certain set of symptoms in a healthy volunteer is also capable of erasing or eliminating those same symptoms in someone who is ill. It's what a practitioner or even a Mom at home does when faced with symptoms. Match them to known remedies, then give that remedy.You don't give Byronia to someone who doesn't have Bryonia symptoms.It's simple. The second principle is Minimum Dose. You give the smallest amount of remedy to someone. Not an entire vial, one pellet. Oscillococcinum is a flu remedy which the company wants to sell lots of, but I know having tested this on myself, one poppy seed sized pellet is the needed  dose, not an entire vial. You of course, need eyebrow tweezers to get the dose out but, hey, then you have remedy left over to treat many more people ! The third principle is the Single Remedy. Not several, one. Remedies are energetic in their substance, so unless you can read the energy of each remedy and determine which one is needed and when it is needed. Stick with one remedy at a time.Hahnemann tried two at a time and went back to the single remedy.  Otherwise you won't know what has worked, and you can't repeat your success.The fourth one is that of The Vital Force. It came from the ancient Greeks.Hippocrates stated that the Vital Force possess the intellengence and power to govern the many processes  involved in both health and disease. This is a radical departure from Western Medicine but the Greeks were the originators of this thought and two hundred years of homeopathy have proven both them and Hahnemann correct. And the final principle is that of the Totalityof Person, which means you treat a person not a disease or condition and you treat an entire person. Western medicine has forgotten this. Nephrologists treat someone's kidney or the cardiologist treats their heart. Homeopaths treat the entire person, their symptoms  and their entire being, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. After all we are not pieces parts, we are complete and complex beings. Unique.



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developedA Vision of the Future

​When I think of what homeopathy could be to health care, I get chills (the good kind). Moms and Dads having a basic knowledge of homeopathy so that minor illnesses are easily treated at home. There is a homeopath in every emergency room in every hospital across the US. Nurse are taught a first aid course in homeopathy in nursing school and school nurses are given further training for their jobs. EMT's and Paramedics are also given training in the use of remedies. Cops carry kits in their cruisers and know how to use remedies for emergencies. Vets increase their knowledge base with not only homeopathy but other modalities as well. Homeopaths are respected members of the health care system and not seen as fringe lunatics or fakes trying to sell something that has no value.

You see science has not caught up to homeopathy yet, but it is getting there. Ultra high dilutions of substances are what our remedies are, nano pharmaceuticals, if you will. But the idea that something like this can assist the body to heal itself is scoffed at and ridiculed by many. Two hundred years of success proves them wrong but science has yet to explain us effectively to those we disturb. It almost like the theory of the flat earth vs the earth as a globe, some people still think in flat earth terms when the Universe is soo much more, and continues to be found as more every day. I will continue to educate and advocate for homeopathy and humanity as a whole until my last breath, it's actually fun to do this work. Go figure.​​

Explaining Homeopathy

When I was in school for the foundations of homeopathy, someone would ask me to tell them about homeopathy and I would launch into so much detail I would lose them. Or their eyes would glaze over with the amount of information I provided. Not helpful. A homeopath of my acquaintance  would only say to people she met that she had a practice in alternative medicine.Since I don't consider homeopathy an alternative but an integrative system of medicine that didn't fly for me. Then I began working on the home study course and wrote up what I consider to be the best description of homeopathy. A substance that is capable of producing a certain set of symptoms in a healthy volunteer, is given to a group of volunteers to determine those symptoms, The results  are catalogued and  given to ill individuals who have those same symptoms to erase them. Homeo in Greek means similar and pathy means suffering. Someone who is ill has the same symptoms as those volunteers experienced. Simple. I don't have to say homeopathy is capable of healing just about everything, which it is. I just have to give them my new definition.Then of course comes the defending part, which I no longer do. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, me included.

​My describing what I do has also changed, along with my homeopathic description. "You know how kids on ADD meds have problems on the meds. Or kids the school district is pushing and pressuring the parents to put them on meds are seen to have problems. Well, I help both those sets of kids to either get off the meds or not have to take them at all." Much simpler statement then  before when I overwhelmed the person I was only talking too ! Simple  straight forward and leads to either a conversation or a "How nice." Thank goodness for getting some training in the business end of being in business. Took me a long time but I finally know more then homeopathy. A practice that supports me also supports my clients because I stay in business and don't shut my doors.Yeah.  Posted November 14 2016

Homeoprophylaxis Vs Vaccination

I am what has been called a Classical homeopath. What that refers to is my schooling. I was taught to follow Samuel Hahnemann's homeopathic principles. Not blindly follow but follow for definite reasons  Hahnemann gave multiple reasons for his principles. He perfected them over many years and with many patients. So I do what I was taught because I have seen no evidence for going another way, none that convinces me.

That includes Homeoprophylaxis, which is a fancy term for homeopathic vaccination. There is nosuch thing. Hahnemann says this in The Organon of the Medical Art, this book details how to practice homeopathy and in many cases what Hahnemann tried that didn't work and those things that did.

He talked about an outbreak of scarlet fever in a town and counsels homeopaths to give Belladonna to the children who have not yet come down with the condition. The reason is that Belladonna is a specific for scarlet fever. No other remedy matches scarlet fever as well as Belladonna and a dose a day for three days will ensure that the children who are dosed won't get sick.This section of the Organon, is given as a reason for using remedies to prevent Malaria, Typhoid,Disentery or a host of other illnesses that are endemic in other parts of the world.That is not what Hahnemann was saying, he was saying when you identify a specific illness that requires one specify remedy then you are justified in giving that remedy to everyone in the family who hasn't come down with i.e.scarlet fever. As an example Cholrera, there are three remedies that have been used for years to treat cholera, there are also forty four other remedies that cover the symptoms seen with this illness.  Public Health departments insist you get vaccinations for before traveling there, not necessary, not even required. Many don't know this, but you have the right to refuse these vaccinations and no one can stop your leaving the US or coming home again.The reason I don't advocate homeoprophylaxis is there are multiple remedies that heal those conditions, multiple. To give multiple remedies violates one of the principles, that of the single remedy. Until or if you get sick with a "disease" who knows which remedy you need. Remember, you are a unique individual and a remedy is selected based on your unique symptoms.There are travel kits to buy and a book on traveling  and using remedies. Why would you need to take multiple remedies? It is a lot like the Flu vaccine where the CDC guesses which strains of the flu are going to be prevalent  this year. Guess and see if you are right. What a way to care for people! Last year (2015) the vaccine was only effective 18-23% , then why  was it urged on the population. Oh yes, the doses not given would expire and money would be lost. When someone tries to tell you homeopathy has "vaccines" don't try to explain there aren't, just let them have their opinion. Consult with a homeopath when you are traveling and find out which remedies you might need.

Posted  21 November 2016

Tis the Season

Homeopathy is wonderful for the holiday season. I'm not talking about colds and flus here, but the overindulgence of holiday parties. The hangover after imbibing a little too much, requires Nux vomica 30 C, one globule, one dose usually works wonders but a second dose may be needed.Or the potato salad that got a little too warm and gave everyone food poisoning. Arsenicum 30 C, one to three doses depending on how severe the symptoms were. If you feel 40 % better after a dose take a second dose, if there was no improvement Arsenicum wasn't the right remedy. Sometimes food poisoning takes the form of vomiting and diarrhea at the same time, Arsenicum isn't the remedy for this situation, try Veratrum album 30 C, one to three doses. You should see about 70-80 % improvement after a second dose in order to take a third dose , if the improvement is closer to 95-100%, you do not need a third dose, remember Minimum Dose is one of the principles of homeopathy. The energy of a remedy will continue long after you figure it has stopped, so give it time to complete the healing. Posted November 28 2016

Continuing with the Holiday tips

Rescue remedy is wonderful for stress  Several drops in a bottle of water or even a glass of water, sipped on throughout the day will make life so much more bearable.

Meditation, even if it is for only a couple of minutes will help, the clearing of your mind, just releasing all of your thoughts for a short time is not just relaxing but it is good for your health and well being. You do not need to mediate for hours to get the benefits of meditation. Meditate while brushing your teeth! Pay attention to your breathing and let whatever thoughts show up go. Don't follow them, assign them to a list or anything else. Notice them and let them go. Take a walk in Nature but turn off your cell phone before you do. Notice what is around you and appreciate the beauty of it.

Deep breath when something triggers that stress response in you, just the act of deep breathing will give you time to decide if it is worth responding at all. Responding to others is a choice we make, chose to act differently and people in your life may begin to see you differently. You will begin to see yourself differently. We are all grown up now, despite the family dynamics which continue each year at every holiday. Break the tradition and you will feel less stressed. Posted December 12, 2016

Blogging, didn't know if I wanted to or not, for a very long time. But then again, I knew I wanted to teach people to use homeopathy. The reasons are varied and legion, first because homeopathy can make such a profound difference in someone's life, literally. It's safe and the third leading cause of death in the US is medical error, so safety matters. I have come to love the fact that homeopathy honors the individual, the uniqueness of that person. Nursing does that, patients are not a diagnosis or room number, they are human beings, first and foremost to a nurse. Western Medicine is slowly catching on to this really important concept. I love how I have changesd as a homeopathic practitioner, your perceptions change over time and I would say the same for my clients who have been with me for a long time. Homeopathy is a partnership between the client and the homeopath, which Western Medicine still doesn't see. It's a sharing of information from the client on symptoms experienced and a knowledge of remedies and how homeopathy works from the homeopath. A partnership that is of great benefit. Homeopathy is energetic in nature, so there is no pollution of waterways, the energy dissipates rather then remaining to contaminate drinking water. It is easy to learn for home use in minor illnesses. It left the rarified physician-only world and was taken on the wagon trains heading West by the wives and mothers, who treated their sick on the plains far from any medical help. The Domestic Physician by Constantine Hering M.D. was the first book to teach a lay person how to use remedies and it was very successful.Today there are a great many homeopathic study groups across the US who get together to learn the use of remedies for minor illnesses. Repetition of doses is another huge reason. Many people don't understand that because remedies are energetic in nature, they don't require the same type of repetition  that conventional drugs do. Kids with chronic cases of Otitis Media (an earache that reoccurs often) are better with one to two doses of remedy. Take your kit on vacation with you and you lessen the need to wait in an ER for hours with a sick kid-my hairstylist did that in Hawaii, not how you want to spend your vacation. In fact use remedies for minor illnesses and your kids become healthier, not as many cold or flus, not as sick as other kids or for the same length of time. A Win Win. Oh, did I say that remedies are inexpensive, never expire and last for years. The expiration date on vials of remedies are there because the FDA doesn't seem to be able to understand the concept of energy that if stored properly doesn't change. Storage of remedies, not where they can become hot. Not in direct sun or in a very hot car, or they cease to work. Cold doesn't affect them but heat will inactivate them. Buy them once and use them for a long, long time.I could go on but then there would be a super long blog post. Come back often to see what tips and remedies I feel are timely to share.